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Cooking & Nutrition Classes

Children's Cooking and Nutrition

Photo: Cooking Classes

Our cooking classes teach an important life skill and foster healthy eating through preparation of nutritious and delicious foods. Students learn how to make healthy food choices, how to read recipes, and how to prepare delicious healthy meals. The culture, history, and science of food are also integrated into each class. During the school year, we teach weekly after school cooking classes at local elementary schools in St. Paul's East Side. During the summer, cooking classes are held outside in our gardens where students pick fresh produce for their meals.

Family Cooking

Photo: Family Cooking Class

In today's fast paced American culture families are spending less time eating meals together and are consuming more unhealthy processed and fast foods. Because of this, family time together is sometimes nonexistent and obesity is becoming a nationwide epidemic. To address this issue we have instituted family cooking and literacy classes at local elementary schools in collaboration with Metropolitan State University. Classes allow families to spend quality time together learning basic cooking skills, healthy food choices, and helping parents and children improve their reading and comprehension skills. These classes bring parents and children together to prepare food together, eat together, and read together as a family.

Environmental Art & Science

Photo: Environmental Science and Art Class

Our environmental art and science classes promote local environmental awareness in elementary aged children living in St. Paul's East Side. Our classes help children make the connection between a healthy local environment and a healthy community. During the school year, we teach weekly after-school science classes that focus on the local ecology of St. Paul's East Side, watershed exploration, and environmental stewardship.

Photo: Environmental Science and Art Class

In the summer, our environmental art projects use our gardens for inspiration to create paintings. These paintings are later made into the note cards we sell throughout the year.

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